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At 48 books out of 50, I'm not gonna spend the last 2 days of the year reading, I'm so annoyed at books and there's no point doing this to myself if it isn't even good.

This year in reading:
-read non-fiction for the first time
--11 Very Short Introductions (that's almost cheating)
--5 other non-fiction books (plus a lot partially read) on physics and molecular biology
-4 Discworld books
-1 Culture book
-4 Aubrey-Maturin books
-classics caught up on: Amerika, Faust, the Iliad, Pride and Prejudice, War and Peace, L'Etranger
-4 in German, 1 in French (another first)
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How come, with the huge volume of books published constantly, I can't for example find more prehistory fiction than Clan of the Cave Bear series and a few children's books? Do we really just have a huge amount of the same types of romance novels and crime and stuff and absolutely no demand for some other genres one would expect to be a thing? What is going on.

Prehistory and steampunk are definitely on the 2016 reading list (I don't know if that's an actual list yet).
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When I was younger I assumed its just a flattering way of saying 12-17 year olds.

But they seem super popular with literal young adults, like 18-24, too. Some of them are written at a pretty middle -school level though (for example Divergent). What is going on?

Maybe this didn't exist a few years ago? Maybe I just didn't have access to things like buzzfeed to know what kind of things everyone else is reading?

Update: wikipedia agrees these are for 13-18 year olds. Maybe Wikipedia just hasn't caught up yet, maybe it's some really artificial hype with the 20somethings at buzzfeed.
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I haven't read anything that new. The newest thing I read is Clariel, from October 2014. (The closest to current real-world issues I've gotten lately is Bleeding Edge, published 2013 and set 2001) Is that bad? Probably not. I just don't like something about how bookstores, social media, and especially goodreads (Amazon) is always pushing the newest things at people.
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I'd like to know whether if you asked a general sample of people about their one favorite book character (for like or admire, not for "interesting" or "well-written") you would get a lot of the same ten protagonists of most popular books or a spread of of niche books and minor characters.

(My favorite person is Stephen Maturin I think, I judge that to be like 65% along towards the more well-known and more main character end).

(Tell me your favorite person or how you think the trend goes or whatever in the comments if you feel like I guess)


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