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How come, with the huge volume of books published constantly, I can't for example find more prehistory fiction than Clan of the Cave Bear series and a few children's books? Do we really just have a huge amount of the same types of romance novels and crime and stuff and absolutely no demand for some other genres one would expect to be a thing? What is going on.

Prehistory and steampunk are definitely on the 2016 reading list (I don't know if that's an actual list yet).
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==== a book review ====
Reading L'Etranger. My impression might be way off because I don't even speak French, but this is the worst. blah blah super "deep" and "we are all Mersault"... well maybe if one also happens to be an incredibly boring and disgusting person. I have absolutely no patience for this - purposeful display of disgust and boredom(?). Like I said the last possibly purposefully awful books, I don't care if it may have been done self-consciously or ironically- if they really cared to make a point they could be doing it without putting the reader through all that again.

I think this book is somewhat like Homo Faber (I hated that one too) in genre and style and content and reception. Although again I might be wrong, that one was so boring I forgot everything and I don't entirely understand French. So if you love The Stranger you may like that one, I guess.

People are going to say I'm ignorant or immature for not being impressed probably. I don't care, I'm done excusing things because it's "innovative at the time" or "exemplary of its genre" or something or because the author's name sounds important. If a book doesn't impress me by itself it's just not a good book. Everyone needs to get over themselves.

==== in general ====
I am so sick of all these things I've been told are super profound, they all turn out to be not at all impressive. Every time some man has a thought everyone falls over themselves about how intelligent and universal and important that was? And then I have to read Brave New World or Lord of the Flies or whatever.

Seriously considering making it a strict rule to not read a single book by and about straight white men all of next year (because this year I read about literally 50 of them and that is way enough). I don't know if that is the cause of the problem but I'll try it, I feel like things certainly can't get more boring and annoying.
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I looked at a buzzfeed article yesterday and that was a bad idea but it's really bothering me?

If you ever jokingly typed "unfollow me" or "you monster" or "you had no childhood" or "what sane person would..." because someone didn't watch the same cartoon as you or bit into a chocolate from the wrong angle or doesn't love the some brand, unfollow me (actually pls). But maybe explain to me how this 'pretend' outrage over the slightest difference could seem fun and constructive and not awful first.

(It's not a silly internet problem, I've had this happen to my face forever too and can we stop pretending what people say on the internet is different from their behavior irl)
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I am reading Inversions and it is not spectacular. I'm liking Culture novels less and less.

It's just like War and Peace and a lot of other things in that I have to read about some nobles hunting, going to war, diplomacying, being sexist, mistreating their serf and servants, etc. Generally being people with monarchies, patriarchy, European features and culture, a whole lot of extremely improbably things like horses and dogs (they have more suns and moons than us but that's about it)... Sure it's entirely possible that some other planet out there is medieval in all of exactly the same ways as Earth, but why do I have to read a whole book about this one out of all the planets in the universe.

If there turn out to be very good reasons for the suspicious similarities to Europe, 1700s, Earth I will still not like it, that's not the point. The point is that he chose to write about this instead of literally everything else in the universe, except now with some added assertions at being open-minded.

At least War and Peace is authentic and complex. I think we could really do better at criticizing things than by writing the exact same thing as always except exaggeratedly, "ironically" and smugly.

I'm more than annoyed. Why are maybe literally all the books there are the same boring stuff?
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"'[...].In our days,' continued Vera - mentioning 'our days' as people of limited intelligence are fond of doing, imagining that they have discovered and appraised the peculiarities of 'our days' and that human characteristics change with time - 'In our days [...]'"
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I'm having to constantly fight technology lately. It seems like suddenly everything is trying to restrict me and herd users to somewhere. I just left tumblr. The tags I look at where unreadable from spam that wasn't being adressed, there's more and more ads on my dash, they're taking away written communication features. To some extent one expects to be exploited both for generating traffic and looking at ads, but I'm not going to put up with it in that amount and if I don't even get anything I like out of it.

My new computer is a chromebook (icon: what went wrong with my last computer). Don't expect great computing power from something that's cheap and small, but this is restricted way beyond what it could actually do. You're limited to your google account. Currently using xfce desktop environment on it via crouton, may wipe the operating system and put on xubuntu on a deeper level once I understand what's going on.

Just now I wanted to upload my phone's pictures to google drive (to get a profile picture) and apparently that's not a thing either. I've had to sign up to sony playmemories, in the hopes it would let me upload and download and transfer. Nope, mass downloading or even mass deleting one's own pictures is not a thing users are encouraged to do. Manually deleting my pictures from there because out of principle.

Everything trying to force users into ads, only using their service, online storage. I don't even know what I have against storage, but when I'm forced into new things I resist.

The only good thing about this is the people making and sharing workarounds and software.


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