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Course #1: everything done, 56/80 marks on known things. It is likely I'm getting more than 4/20 on last assigment but not likely in getting 14/20. So, upper second.

Course #2: study for exams today

Course #3: study for exams today

Project: Report and poster done and I'm pretty happy with this. Leave alone today, last corrections and turn in tomorrow.

Group project: I'm ahead of everyone, do more after exams
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Class #1: I got 40/60 on the project where half my group just stopped talking to us for no reason I know of and we split into two groups. People say that's not too bad for university but I made an embarrassing amount of mistakes and omissions, and it feels even worse because it now also has to be inspected and discussed by the entire department to adjust the grade upwards for the disadvantage.

I turned in the last homework badly but then the deadline got extended, so I guess I should redo it. I don't want to, I don't have any more knowledge to write about if I have more time either.

Class #2: Finished doing homework and I think those went well. I know nothing for the exam.

Class #3: All exam, I am going to have to study so much, I skipped learning anything all year.

Project: I think I'm doing great, finish it this week.
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Everything is due this week and today I spent 7 hours not getting a thing to work (java profilers). I made a nice page of pictures in my report though.


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