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So here's an idea I just had that I haven't seen anywhere else:

We mess up the atmosphere (it is definitely headed in that direction, and once the runaway effect starts it doesn't stop), we lose our air, water, temperature, radiation protection, etc. Humans don't die completely: they learn to live in sealed off environments and conserve & acquire those things. I think that's likely, since it won't be sudden and humans like trying to not die and we are capable of those things. (Similar to that time cells learned to deal with it and seal themselves off and pump resources even though their preferred water-potassium ocean isn't to be found anywhere anymore). Once that's stabilized, it's not a big step to do the same in space, or on the moon, or on Mars, or anywhere. So my prediction is life is going to spread into space.

To clarify the central idea is that earth will become similarly uninhabitable to other planets and only adapting to this will make true expansion into space possible.

I think this is pretty plausible. On more esoteric grounds, I think either life dies completely or there is a next step in the molecule-cell-organism-society happening sometime, in a cataclysmic way. Maybe such a habitat-cell with humans and other organisms can be considered the next type of entity.

Facts against: don't see anyone from other planets having done so and survived long enough to have a presence in space.

This is not an optimistic prediction, short-term that's still centuries of catastrophe and I don't really care about the long-term persistence of humanity or life, although it would be interesting.

If I have just come to the impression that a radically different form of life is needed for space proliferation, it does make everything with humanoids in space travel a bit implausible and boring.


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