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The Mysteries of Udolpho: 600 pages of just classic romanticism: themes of nature, pastoralism, christian spirituality, etc. Complete with purple prose, super-long sentences, poetry.

Somewhat educational to know the English version of romanticism is thematically just the same (as the German version) but it somehow comes across a bit insipid and fake. Beyond that there's no point reading 600 pages of this.

Time (Manifold): I'm pretty sure this is the worst thing I've ever read. Bad writing, lots of expositional monologuing, making me read about these CEO types (and their divorce issues and bunch of other gross stuff I don't care about) a lot. Really silly science, all explained in the same annoying pop-science way no matter who is explaining to whom. Extremely messed up (in universe and from the author) libertarian worldview: no sign of the environmental and humanitarian mess these people are directly causing and would realistically be living in, lots of enthusiasm for solving problems by just further mining everything, very negative and dismissive portrayal of the public and the government. Beyond that there's just a million implausible and silly things about this.

This Changes Everything: Read this instead for a realistic overview of the impending end of the world and how to fix it. It's less intimidating if one is less ignorant.
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The City and The City: you should read it it's good. Original and convincing sort of science fiction premise. I also like that the main character is neither a revolutionary or a naive person who gets introduced to the revolution and how their world is actually bad, he's just an ordinary person going with the system.

War and Peace: maybe I will finish this year.
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University, necessary:
Nuclear Physics Principles and Applications

University, voluntary:
Molecular Modeling and Simulation: an Interdisciplinary Guide
Nuclear Weapons: A Very Short Introduction

Literature, hard:
War and Peace
The Fall of Arthur

Literature, easy:

I have never started so many things at the same time or taken so long since I finished a book. Probably finish the Very Short Introduction today.


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