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Everything is due this week and today I spent 7 hours not getting a thing to work (java profilers). I made a nice page of pictures in my report though.

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I haven't read anything that new. The newest thing I read is Clariel, from October 2014. (The closest to current real-world issues I've gotten lately is Bleeding Edge, published 2013 and set 2001) Is that bad? Probably not. I just don't like something about how bookstores, social media, and especially goodreads (Amazon) is always pushing the newest things at people.
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I'd like to know whether if you asked a general sample of people about their one favorite book character (for like or admire, not for "interesting" or "well-written") you would get a lot of the same ten protagonists of most popular books or a spread of of niche books and minor characters.

(My favorite person is Stephen Maturin I think, I judge that to be like 65% along towards the more well-known and more main character end).

(Tell me your favorite person or how you think the trend goes or whatever in the comments if you feel like I guess)
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neat desk
This is like actually the first time in my life I have a neat room with only stuff I need and like, and probably nearly the first time I actually use my desk as a desk instead of a clutter storage surface (that paper tray thing? has been sitting unbuilt in various piles of stuff for literally 3 years). It is amazing. (still haven't written that 10 pages of report though).
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I'm trying to put archlinux on tinychromebook and the bit about pressing ctrl l does nothing. It used to beep at me, now it does nothing and stops any further button pressing from doing anything until restarted. Maybe it's doing something very slowly??
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Ok so I have a tattoo of a whale skeleton along the outside one forearm... I want a jellyfish along the other side. This is such a good idea, I want it now.

Jellyfish are cool. They're really alien looking and really simple but still really weird. Some are actually as long as a whale. The whale skeleton represents really big things and abstract things and stuff (also Ishmael has similar), jellyfish can represent the "simple" things which are still really complex and weird (for example RNA or atoms). And also just look really cool.
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There's some conflict going on somewhere on the internet about Lovecraft and his being a racist and probably some people are upset about it being pointed out, I don't know and I don't care.

Just seems like a good opportunity to dump my thoughts on how I could never get along with the whole genre. The Lovecraft and Chambers and Poe thing. It's not irrelevant if the author is a narrow-minded racist white man, in shows in every thought. I pick up on these things and often find out later an author I didn't like for unknown reasons is s

It just doesn't make good stories. Tellingly the main "horror' bit of Chambers seems to be a fear of some sort of mental contagion. Just really afraid of people getting dangerous ideas by reading dangerous books (the rest is just straight people on repeat). It's dead boring. I don't even know anything about Robert Chambers, but this looks like it was written by someone with a really uninteresting life.

The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket (Poe)- I like naval stories, and the situations about being trapped, running out of air, dehydrated, starving are actually scary. Then it all became about "black people are evil" and "whiteness is divine", literally. It's racist, but also it's not interesting, original, or actually awe-inspiring or horrifying.

I don't even remember what happened in Lovecraft, it was so boring and uncomfortable.

And that's why I never was into this whole 'cosmic horror' hype thing. And why it's not irrelevant to the story or genre that the author is racist. Lovecraft is racist and his stories aren't so amazing that we can't afford to let go of them, either. The whole genre just seems to be about some deeply conservative fears, I don't know why I'm the only one who's just not into it.
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I lost 3/11 lately (side of lip swelled up suddenly, vertical labret didn't look good anymore, helix has hurt for years), I have 8 left and only 1 on my face. I'll get a new one Wednesday when I'm in town. It's almost my birthday and I haven't done this in a long time.

Eyebrow, septum, labret again and stretch it later (I think I want to have a stretched labret when I'm a cool actualadult), bridge?

I think eyebrow.
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"'[...].In our days,' continued Vera - mentioning 'our days' as people of limited intelligence are fond of doing, imagining that they have discovered and appraised the peculiarities of 'our days' and that human characteristics change with time - 'In our days [...]'"
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University, necessary:
Nuclear Physics Principles and Applications

University, voluntary:
Molecular Modeling and Simulation: an Interdisciplinary Guide
Nuclear Weapons: A Very Short Introduction

Literature, hard:
War and Peace
The Fall of Arthur

Literature, easy:

I have never started so many things at the same time or taken so long since I finished a book. Probably finish the Very Short Introduction today.
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I like this. It is not a giant stream of pictures and advertising and noise like tumblr or twitter. Personal pages also seem to all be lately active (communities look mostly dead or slow though).

There's not much happening on my reading list and stuff yet, and it's generally hard for me to find people since I don't get into movies, tv shows, fandom, bandom, writing. In fact I don't know what I even want here (if I subscribed you lately it's probably to see book reviews, general thoughts and opinions, since I'll be posting similar).
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This was not even intentional, icon #3 (Temple of Love album art) looks like icon #1 (my computer screen problems) and icon #2 (my hair) merged.
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I'm having to constantly fight technology lately. It seems like suddenly everything is trying to restrict me and herd users to somewhere. I just left tumblr. The tags I look at where unreadable from spam that wasn't being adressed, there's more and more ads on my dash, they're taking away written communication features. To some extent one expects to be exploited both for generating traffic and looking at ads, but I'm not going to put up with it in that amount and if I don't even get anything I like out of it.

My new computer is a chromebook (icon: what went wrong with my last computer). Don't expect great computing power from something that's cheap and small, but this is restricted way beyond what it could actually do. You're limited to your google account. Currently using xfce desktop environment on it via crouton, may wipe the operating system and put on xubuntu on a deeper level once I understand what's going on.

Just now I wanted to upload my phone's pictures to google drive (to get a profile picture) and apparently that's not a thing either. I've had to sign up to sony playmemories, in the hopes it would let me upload and download and transfer. Nope, mass downloading or even mass deleting one's own pictures is not a thing users are encouraged to do. Manually deleting my pictures from there because out of principle.

Everything trying to force users into ads, only using their service, online storage. I don't even know what I have against storage, but when I'm forced into new things I resist.

The only good thing about this is the people making and sharing workarounds and software.


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