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fixed touchpad issues (static induced probably, it did not work and jumped around only when not charging) by changing background noise cancellation & senstivity parameters. The hardware wasn't hopelessly broken after all.

Just got an external hard drive, since I have only 16GB (it was meant s a chromebook with cloud storage).

I believe I have a working computer now without having to send the whole thing back or attack any more mouse, keyboard, screens.

I wanted to use the "vocabulary builder" - not to quiz myself (gross), I just want to see a list of things I've looked up in each book. But sometimes words (from well-known books) are not in the dictionary and it is impossible to add them to the list by hand. Minor but annoying. I'm having to keep "coquelicot", "rhodomontade", and "pattened" in my head.

The reading speed estimates are very wrong. Thinks I will read a 600 page book in about 20 minutes. Yesterday I had to read for 40 minutes to reduce the "time left in book" by 2 minutes. Even if I reset it it goes back to being very wrong after some time.

Phone: still broken (for the second time). Do not recommend XPeria Z1 at all, it splinters at the slightest provocation and once it does the whole touchscreen (and therefore everything) is unusable.
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Everything is due this week and today I spent 7 hours not getting a thing to work (java profilers). I made a nice page of pictures in my report though.

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I'm trying to put archlinux on tinychromebook and the bit about pressing ctrl l does nothing. It used to beep at me, now it does nothing and stops any further button pressing from doing anything until restarted. Maybe it's doing something very slowly??
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I'm having to constantly fight technology lately. It seems like suddenly everything is trying to restrict me and herd users to somewhere. I just left tumblr. The tags I look at where unreadable from spam that wasn't being adressed, there's more and more ads on my dash, they're taking away written communication features. To some extent one expects to be exploited both for generating traffic and looking at ads, but I'm not going to put up with it in that amount and if I don't even get anything I like out of it.

My new computer is a chromebook (icon: what went wrong with my last computer). Don't expect great computing power from something that's cheap and small, but this is restricted way beyond what it could actually do. You're limited to your google account. Currently using xfce desktop environment on it via crouton, may wipe the operating system and put on xubuntu on a deeper level once I understand what's going on.

Just now I wanted to upload my phone's pictures to google drive (to get a profile picture) and apparently that's not a thing either. I've had to sign up to sony playmemories, in the hopes it would let me upload and download and transfer. Nope, mass downloading or even mass deleting one's own pictures is not a thing users are encouraged to do. Manually deleting my pictures from there because out of principle.

Everything trying to force users into ads, only using their service, online storage. I don't even know what I have against storage, but when I'm forced into new things I resist.

The only good thing about this is the people making and sharing workarounds and software.


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