Dec. 2nd, 2015

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Course #1: everything done, 56/80 marks on known things. It is likely I'm getting more than 4/20 on last assigment but not likely in getting 14/20. So, upper second.

Course #2: study for exams today

Course #3: study for exams today

Project: Report and poster done and I'm pretty happy with this. Leave alone today, last corrections and turn in tomorrow.

Group project: I'm ahead of everyone, do more after exams
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When I was younger I assumed its just a flattering way of saying 12-17 year olds.

But they seem super popular with literal young adults, like 18-24, too. Some of them are written at a pretty middle -school level though (for example Divergent). What is going on?

Maybe this didn't exist a few years ago? Maybe I just didn't have access to things like buzzfeed to know what kind of things everyone else is reading?

Update: wikipedia agrees these are for 13-18 year olds. Maybe Wikipedia just hasn't caught up yet, maybe it's some really artificial hype with the 20somethings at buzzfeed.
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I am reading Inversions and it is not spectacular. I'm liking Culture novels less and less.

It's just like War and Peace and a lot of other things in that I have to read about some nobles hunting, going to war, diplomacying, being sexist, mistreating their serf and servants, etc. Generally being people with monarchies, patriarchy, European features and culture, a whole lot of extremely improbably things like horses and dogs (they have more suns and moons than us but that's about it)... Sure it's entirely possible that some other planet out there is medieval in all of exactly the same ways as Earth, but why do I have to read a whole book about this one out of all the planets in the universe.

If there turn out to be very good reasons for the suspicious similarities to Europe, 1700s, Earth I will still not like it, that's not the point. The point is that he chose to write about this instead of literally everything else in the universe, except now with some added assertions at being open-minded.

At least War and Peace is authentic and complex. I think we could really do better at criticizing things than by writing the exact same thing as always except exaggeratedly, "ironically" and smugly.

I'm more than annoyed. Why are maybe literally all the books there are the same boring stuff?


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